Art Department

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Art Department

The Art Department offers courses designed to provide a broad foundation in the visual arts inclusive of fine arts, commercial arts, animation or cartooning, design disciplines, art history, gallery and museum foundations, art education, photography/photojournalism, illustration, etc. Since transfer requirements for different institutions vary, you are strongly encouraged to meet with a faculty member for advisement.

DSU’s Art Department offers Bachelor’s degrees with the following emphases:

  • Art, 3-D / Sculpture / Ceramics Emphasis (BA/BS)
  • Art, Art Education Emphasis (BS)
  • Art, Graphic Design Emphasis (BA/BS)
  • Art, Painting / Drawing Emphasis (BA/BS)
  • Art, Photography / Digital Imaging Emphasis (BA/BS)

The Art Department has two basic types of courses:

Applied Courses

Students recieve hands-on experience painting, designing, photographing, sculpting, and throwing pots.

Lecture Courses

You learn and study art history and the elements of design.The art faculty are both talented teachers and gifted artists. Whether you’re learning about Renoir, watercolor, sculpting, portraiture, or ceramics, you’ll be learning from the best.

Photo of a hoodoo at sunset in Escalante taken by Alex Chamberlain