Art Trip Policies

San Francisco & Los Angeles Policies

  1. Since this is a Dixie State University sponsored trip, all University regulations and codes of conduct apply. No drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted. Violators will be placed on a Greyhound bus at their own expense and returned to St. George.
  2. The main emphasis of the trip is on art and museums. Therefore, friends and family may meet you at the museum or hotel, but you will be required to travel on the bus. There will be some time to swim, wade, or sketch at the beach or at the motel pool.
  3. ALWAYS BE ON TIME. It is a MUST! The bus will leave as scheduled.
  4. Always be courteous at the Motel! You may have fun, but please -- no parties or loud noises. Remember the hotel has other guests and we want to use their services again.
  5. If you have music on the bus you must use headphones.
  6. Cameras are great for the trip. Be aware that the museums restrict the use of flash photography so make sure to set your camera settings appropriately.
  7. Stay in groups of at least four or more, except at the museums. California may look like paradise, but it is not. - NO one is permitted to leave the group without permission from the advisors.
  8. Take all valuables and medications off the bus at night. The advisors are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  9. Do not use perfumes, lotions, nail polish, hair spray, or any other scented products on the bus! Scented products can cause severe allergic reactions.
  10. Please pay attention and be courteous to the advisors and instructors when speaking. They give instructions that everyone must hear. Conversations on the bus MUST be kept low, many students are getting college credit for this trip, they need to hear the art videos.
  11. This trip is designed for your enjoyment, benefit and education. Please be attentive.
  12. Because the cost of these trips is set as low as possible a $75.00 non-refundable deposit is due at registration. This is the fee that we must charge to reserve your space and cannot be refunded at any time. Once we have made the arrangements, we still have to pay for you even if you do not go.
  13. Full payment for the trip is due three weeks before departure. Special payment arrangements can be worked out with the coordinator, but this needs to be done before the due date is past. Space is often limited and people are on a waiting list. However, they cannot make arrangements at the last minute. If you are holding a place on any trip and then drop, you may keep someone who would like to go from going.
  14. We want everyone to have the great experience of going on these trips- so be kind, if you can't go let us know ASAP.